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VerTec Line Array(VT4888)


    VT4888,VT4889,VT4880 Line array system


Paroyal Pro Audio Co.,Ltd Professional Audio System ,
Line array system,Pro audio VT4888 ,VT4880 Subwoofer,VT4889 Pro audio system, VerTec  Arrays
3-Way Line Array System
Line Array/Array Loudspeaker System
Specifications System
Frequency Range:48Hz-18KHz(-10dB)
Frequency Response:60Hz-16KHz(3dB)
Continuous Power Rating:900watts(RMS)1800watts(program),3600watts(peak)
Sensitivity:98dB LF,102dB MF,114dB HF(1W/1m)
Nominal Impedances:2*8 ohms LF,8 ohms MF,16 ohms HF
horizontal90Vertical50 250Hz-16KHz(-6dB)
Low Frequency(needymium magnet):2*12(in)300mm
Mid Frequency(needymium magnet):4*5.5(in)105mm
High Frequency(needymium magnet):2*3(in)75mm

Enhanced acoustical modeling includes color SPL mapping, 0 dB Isobar, and SPL attenuation modes. Frequency response and SPL based on the tonal balance of (paroyal) 's V4 DSP presets can be selected or, alternatively, maximum SPL for rated power at each frequency can be examined. Up to four frequencies can be simultaneously displayed, and up to six frequency response probes can be entered on up to four defined audience planes. Additionally, subwoofer modeling is now offered. Useful enhancements have also been made to the mechanical calculations for VERTEC arrays, with updated references for suspension hardware applications. User guidelines are in place for up to 24 enclosures per array.

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